Yuri Antonov is preparing for operations abroad

Юрий Антонов готовится к операции за рубежом People’s artist of Russia has shown it is in great shape, despite rumors of serious health problems. However, Yuri Antonov noted that some of the difficulties he is experiencing. Because of his illness, the musician stopped giving live concerts.
Юрий Антонов готовится к операции за рубежом

Recently the 72-year-old Yuri Antonov prefers not to play live and rarely published. The artist’s fans are really worried. When the idol is not news, we can only guess about what was happening to him. Recently, the musician decided to dot the “i” about the rumors about his alleged serious health problems. Yuri has demonstrated that it is in good shape, and even made a couple of songs in the program “live”.

However, Antonov did not hide that his condition was slightly deteriorated. In recognition of the music star, he needed medical intervention. To this end, the artist is going to go abroad. Yuri also made it clear that he is very cheerful and optimistic.

“I have some problems. I was, and nobody could me just say, how is it treated. I have a violation of the vestibular apparatus, shakes me a little. I’m going to go to one country, where they promised something to correct, – told the artist. They sent me a letter in which he asked: “Tell me, please, you have in Russia to make the artificial middle ear?” I was calling professors and academicians. None of them knows. And they said, “If you do it in Russia, you can not come to us”.
Юрий Антонов готовится к операции за рубежом

Presenter Boris korchevnikov asked the musician whether his disappearance from the stage with health problems. “Well, Yes, I almost half a year did not give concerts. I, of course, appear on television, it’s quite a different story,” agreed Yuri. The actor also added that his condition worsened in January last year. Since then, Antonov does not sing live, but for him is very important.

One expert transmission decided to learn, Antonov does it feel to work in the Studio. “In some way affects, – did not hide a man. – I have a keen attitude towards the work. This is the kind of work that is difficult to explain”.

Юрий Антонов готовится к операции за рубежом

In a live TV show also touched on recent, high-profile story when concert organizer Ilya Krikunov deceived by Yuri Antonov. At the end of may the Moscow regional court potanovic to recover from the dishonest producer the amount of 2.3 million rubles, and the fraudster was sentenced to one year and eleven months in prison. Litigation between Antonov and Krikunov lasted from 2015.

“In prison, puts the court. I think you have to be a crazy person to even have criminal intent against Yuri Mikhailovich. And to implement it, you need to be doubly crazy… Despite the evidence of this crime, it was investigated, and the court has been more than two years. We at first surprised, but then we suspect that this person has patrons. Only two years managed to achieve a fair verdict,” – said the lawyer of singer Sergei Zhorin.

In addition, the program asked Yuri Antonov about his personal life. About musician know that he was married three times and has two children. The man made it clear he did not intend to discuss their relationships with women. The artist lives with the Pets, practically all of them, he picked up on the street. “I have cats, dogs, wild boar Borka”, – said Antonov. Host of the TV show asked Antonov if he knows the feeling of loneliness. “No,” replied Yury Mikhailovich, adding that his friends often visit him.