Yuri Antonov complained of deteriorating health

Юрий Антонов пожаловался на ухудшающееся самочувствие The singer gave an interview that made me worry his fans. The star reported that walking with a stick due to a foot injury. The man, however, was not discouraged, and hoping that I will be able to return to the previous form.
Юрий Антонов пожаловался на ухудшающееся самочувствие

Yuri Antonov, this year 72 years. Despite his age, the darling of the public tries to conduct an active way of life and sometimes social events.

However, a recent interview of the actor thrilled his fans. The fact that the musician reported severe injury that bothered him for several years.

“I once skated on skis and fell awkwardly. After that the leg hurt the whole year. Then the discomfort was gone, and I am very happy. And here a couple of years ago aching pain returned. Now walking with a cane, but don’t lose heart”, says Antonov.
Юрий Антонов пожаловался на ухудшающееся самочувствие

The man said that they used the cane — a real rarity. It was made 150 years ago and at the time belonged to count Orlov. Antique got the singer from one another even back in 1970, but was useful to him just now.

Yuri Mikhailovich is not the first time complains of problems with health. So, in June of this year, he became the guest of the program “live”. After several songs he said that he was going to undergo treatment abroad.

“I have some problems. I was, and nobody could me just say, how is it treated. I have a violation of the vestibular apparatus, shakes me a little bit,” said the artist.

After Mr Luzhkov appeared at the races Monte-Carlo in mid-June, fans came to the conclusion that the danger to the health of idol are over. Now the fans once again began to desire the singer longevity.

Earlier in mass media there was information that the musician suffered a stroke, after suffering from severe bronchitis, but he Yuri Mikhailovich disturbing news is not confirmed.

The musician does not deny that most of my free time at home surrounded by family and beloved Pets. All the familiar Antonova know he loves our little brothers and can’t pass an animal in distress.

“Other people, not to animals, they need to make money. And I don’t need anything, so I spend on them. I have a wonderful cat, a real beauty. She’s healing me from diseases,” – said Antonov.

In an interview with “the Interlocutor” Yury Mikhailovich noted that in addition to cats, at the site of his country house, the lives of about twenty squirrels, cock and hen. Communicating with Pets and being in harmony with nature, the artist feels truly happy.