Yuliya Topol’nitskiy ceased to visit her husband

Юлия Топольницкая перестала видеться с супругом Star clip “louboutins” explained, what is her family life. It turns out that the girl and her husband Igor Chekhov not so much time meeting with each other. In recognition of the spouses, since the marriage, they were together no more than 10 times.

      Just a few months ago, the actress starred in the music video of group “Leningrad” “louboutins” Topol’nitskiy Julia and her partner, resident of Comedy club Igor Chekhov, became legal husband and wife. About the wedding of the lovers, held in the Northern capital, long said after the celebrations are so loud and merry was the feast. Wedding star clip “louboutins”:

      Fans of the charismatic couple thought that now Julia and Igor decided to take in family life and will be less likely to appear in any projects. However, this did not happen. And Topol’nitskiy, and the Czechs continue to work hard and exert maximum effort to their business was a success. While spouses have had to sacrifice time spent together – it turns out that after the wedding they saw each other only a few times.

      “A lot of guys ask me: “Well, that is how it is now, what has changed?” Nothing. We are constantly on the move. After the wedding, saw each other a dozen times!” – said Igor Chekhov.

      The confessions Topol’nitskiy, serious changes in life after marriage she did not notice. “Igor been the same: kind, sociable, honest and courageous – shared Julia. – We, as before, we love to walk together, we share everything. I’m grateful that he’s there.”

      Despite the heavy workload, the husband and wife still build big plans for the future. Julia and Igor would like to purchase a house in the capital, since here are concentrated the major projects and all work. Also the lovers dream of own country house, so that they could grow their children. In short, Topol’nitskiy and the Czechs clearly know what should be their future, and therefore willing to sacrifice many things now, even endure a temporary separation. “We’ll try, to work, that’s all,” said Igor Chekhov in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.