Юлия Топольницкая вновь снялась в клипе Шнурова

Now with the double of brad pitt! Moreover, in the frame of the star “Exhibit” looked slightly pregnant.

Young actress Julia Topol’nitskiy, who became a celebrity after the release of the video, in which she played the girl in the louboutins, and awesome pants”, again took part in the filming of the video for another hit of the group “Leningrad”.

In addition, the clip lit up actress Marina Domozhirova that plays together with Olga Buzova in the play “Black diamond”. By the way, she betrayed the secret Shnurov, published on his page “Vkontakte” a few photos from the shoot.

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Video filmed in the heart of St. Petersburg – “Lenfilm” and in one of the city’s oldest pubs on the street Rubinstein. Among the regulars of this place know what they serve as meals in just one dish, such as stewed chicken, goulash or bigos: sauerkraut with meat, but every day this dish changes.

However, in the last days of July the regulars of the pub have received from gate turn: the school rented Sergey Shnurov with his “Leningrad”. But not for booze and snacks for the creative process.

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Supervised the filming of Anna Parmas already brought the “Leningrad” millions of views of their previous videos “In St. Petersburg to drink” and “Exhibit”. Not surprisingly, the heroes in this new clip was the same Manager, tour guide, shop assistant, taxi driver and the employee GIBBD.

Although new characters are also added. Their casting Agency Fancy People that constantly works with Parmas and Shnurov, searched the Internet. And this time for the filming required the blonde to 30 years with Breasts 4-th size, she was lucky to play the nameless girl-lover, hero-lover, whom the creators of the clip dubbed “alpha guy”.

In terms of casting, he had to have a positive charisma, a nice smile and the ability to be one of only a nice view to fall in love with a girl”. For a busy casting Agency explained that it has to be a guy type of brad pitt or, at worst, Tom hardy.

But with this alpha male and starred Topol’nitskiy, which in the frame looked “a little pregnant”. About Woman’s Day in strictest confidence told the employee of the pub. Information is very spicy, considering that recently, Julia has married a member of popular comic Duo “Kukota and Chekhov – an actor Igor Chekhov. However, it is possible that the stomach Julia planted for the image at the time of filming.

Still we managed to learn that he himself Sergey Shnurov in the frame again appears. Or will flicker occasionally. The name of the hit decided to decide later. At least, what is the song in the pub did not understand – the sound recording during filming is not included because of regime of secrecy, which the Cord and Parmas said in all seriousness.

Interestingly, while actress Marina Domozhirovo for the loosening of the mystery in social networks now will be punished? Or was it a planned leak of information to whet interest in the new video that will appear on the official web page of the “Leningrad” already on 5 September?

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