Yuliya Snigir left for a new role

Юлия Снигирь оставила сына ради новой роли The actress visited the new samples of the series and perhaps may soon start work on a new project. Despite the fact that Yuliya Snigir is gradually coming out of maternity leave, to return to the theatre she does not intend.

      Юлия Снигирь оставила сына ради новой роли

      The last few months, the names Julia Snigir and Evgeny Tsyganov chosen not descend from lips of millions of people. Difficult situation with the departure of the stars of the movie “the Thaw”from the wife who gave him seven children, did not discuss only the lazy. In the short term Tsyganov and Snigir became the most discussed personalities of show business, despite the fact that they never spoke about what happened.

      A month ago became a mother, Yulia Snigir gradually returned to work in the movies. The last few days the actress has spent in the filming of “Mosfilm”. As we found out, we are talking about a new historical project.

      “The second day samples long, complex”, – said Yulia with “Starita.

      “This will be the series, working title “Sisters”, – said the producer of the movie Rinat Yakupov. Incidentally, he was the Executive producer of the film “From where the Motherland begins”, which Snigir played a major role together with the current civil husband – Yevgeny Tsyganov.

      Experience in historical movies Snigir already have – last year on the big screens out the picture “Great”. Now in full swing working on its sequel – ready scenario and discusses playing the main roles.

      All the free time Julia, of course, dedicates son Fedor. With the baby it helps the baby’s father – Yevgeny Tsyganov, and parents – Victor and Svetlana. The high life Snigir already returned – recently the actress appeared at the ceremony award of the Association of producers of cinema and television of Russia. The dress in which she appeared at the event, incidentally, was estimated at more than two million rubles. In the theatre, where Julia plays in the production of “Mephisto”, she plans to return in the autumn. “It’s too early, I think I’ll start with the new season,” commented the actress.

      At the moment the artist thinks more about continuing to work in film and raising a young son. By the way, with the baby helps her Yevgeny Tsyganov. As we found out the “Starite”, the actor can walk for groceries and diapers – in short, makes every effort to ensure that the mother of his child was less of a hassle. The artist also pays attention to the family, which not so long ago left – the former civil wife Irina Leonova and seven heirs, and take care.

      Relatives of a mother of many children, learning about the betrayal Tsyganova, turned away from him, but over time their relationship has leveled off. The confessions of brother of Irina Leonova, they realize that Eugene is the father of the children, should be considered.


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