Yuliya Snigir has changed beyond recognition

Юлия Снигирь изменилась до неузнаваемости
The actress was blonde.

Photo: Instagram

Yuliya Snigir shared with fans a photo in a new image. Specially for the filming of the movie, whose name she does not disclose, the actress was blonde, with an elegant Bob. However, the girl decided not to dye her dark hair. The makeup she picked high quality wig that looks very natural.

Yuliya Snigir — the owner of a bright appearance. Often sultry brunettes is not to face white hair, but fans of the actress liked the experiment. All came to the conclusion that Julia is going to be a blonde, while the brunette is better.

But in the project “the road to Calvary”, which Snigir recently presented at Cannes, her character is brunette. The plot of the series takes place in St. Petersburg in 1914. The city lives “as if in anticipation of that fateful and terrible day,” the society expects and wants change. In the center of the story — Bulavin sisters: Kate (Yuliya Snigir) and Dasha (Anya chipovskaya). Both girls are in love with the poet-decadent Alexei Bessonov (Anton Shagin), who changes their Outlook and their way of life. The first world makes carefree existence Bulavina-Sokolnikova new meanings and experiences. When the war comes to an end, it seems that happiness is close… However, the revolution and the Civil war completely changed the life of the sisters, their families and the entire country. Characters times intersect and diverge again. “Ordeal” for them is not a metaphor, and real life. A story that will cover the entire action of the trilogy about the Russian intelligentsia, Helen Paradise was shot by renowned Russian Director Konstantin Khudyakov. The shooting of the project took place in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Pyatigorsk, Riga and Arkhangelsk. The TV series was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture. The screens will be released in November this year.