Юлия Снигирь родила первенца Well-known actress became a mother in one of the Moscow clinics. Julia Snigir, which until recently hid an interesting situation, accepts congratulations of motherhood.

      Юлия Снигирь родила первенца

      One of the most mysterious and popular actress Julia Snigir first became a mother. The movie star gave birth to first child in one of capital clinics. For several months Julia carefully hid his position interesting. When the rounded belly, it was impossible to hide under voluminous clothing, Snigir refused to comment on the subject.

      The name of the father of the child are still unknown. However, the environment of the star is convinced that this Evgeniy Tsyganov. Previously infamous actor left without giving his wife and seven children, the youngest of whom was barely a year. Paternity Eugene also indirectly confirmed Yulia and family in conversation with “Stricom”.

      “My grandfather, Viktor Ivanovich, all of its review work, our stars! And waiting for great-grandchildren: Julia said that soon will become a mother – so excited! However, the groom is not familiar with, talks about it. Know that actor. But I’m not asking much, all the time…” said the grandmother of the actress, Lyudmila Sirisena. “I don’t want to know any Tsyganova – indignantly said “StarHit” daddy Julia. – Her life, her decide what to do and how to live!”

      Recall Snigir and Tsyganov portrayed a married couple in the television series “where the Motherland begins”, which was released in 2014. While working on this serial film between them and could arise mutual feelings. Later, the actors met again on the set. For example, both played in the film by Anna Melikyan “About love”, however, in various episodes.

      “They have a special relationship. Couple or not, or maybe spend so much time with each other for some other reason, is their own business. But many friends of Julia, it is known that before that she was in love with a completely other man: his name’s Glory, he is a journalist,” he told the magazine “7 days” friend of the couple.

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