Yuliya Snigir explained the phenomenal weight loss

Юлия Снигирь объяснила феноменальное похудение The actress admitted that helps her to keep fit. Yuliya Snigir became a mother last year, but quickly came to fighting weight and back to work. Fans regularly ask her questions, how she was able to restore the previous figure.

Actress Yuliya Snigir in March last year for the first time became a mother. For the father of the child, Yevgeny Tsyganov, this baby became the eighth. The artist did not stay too long on maternity leave, and quickly went to work on stage and in various projects. Julia has restored the former shape after childbirth and is now the extra pounds accumulated during pregnancy not gone. Fans trying to find out the secret of his phenomenal weight loss. However, the actress admitted that not adhere to any particular diet. According to her, the whole thing solely in the loaded schedule.

“I work a lot and have no time to eat” – so explains Snigir quick weight loss.

Julia tries to talk as little as possible about yourself, she carefully hides the private life and details of child rearing. Unlike many celebrities, her microblogging appear only pictures from movie sets or parties. Only recently her civil husband Evgeniy Tsyganov posted a photo Snigir in a home environment. Fans were happy when they saw such personal scenes artist. Yevgeny Tsyganov showed a family reunion with Julia Snigir

Snigir admits that it did not intend either now or in the future to display pictures son Feodor. She believes that the child needs to grow up and decide for himself whether he wants to become a public person or not.

Today, June the second, Julia is celebrating a birthday. A well-known actress turns 34. Fans rushed to congratulate the artist on the holiday and did not regret warm words in its address. “Dear Yulia! Happy birthday! Let the most cherished in my life dreams come true! Joy to you very-very big! We’re all very, very, very much!”, “Yulia! Happy birthday! Good luck, love, good role!”, “Happy birthday, Julia! All the beautiful, wonderful, love, wonderful role! Love you!” – I wrote to the followers of a celebrity.

Despite the fact that the fans literally flooded with compliments, the actress Snigir admits that he does not consider himself perfect. She is constantly seeking more. “I’m rarely satisfied, especially with yourself and life in General. All the time I was in some kind of internal search. To me it prevents to live a little. It seems that it hurts me and the people who are close to me. They say: “Julia, calm down, please,” said the actress in an interview with Woman’s Day.