Yuliya Snigir closer to the dream

Юлия Снигирь все ближе к мечте
The actress spoke about her new hobby.

Yuliya Snigir


Julia admitted that all the childhood dreamed to learn to play the piano, but could not get closer to the cherished dream. “I want to get a role in a movie where I had to play a musician. It’s easier to self-motivate and study piano. Because all the time is a million reasons not to do it until you have at work. But I have actively started to look for a teacher”, — shared with 7days.ru Julia.

In addition, Julia admitted that wants to shoot their own movie.

“I will do it, yet probably still just not ready — told Snigir. — When released the film “Shame” with Michael Fassbender, I’m even a little upset, because the script that I have written, are very reminiscent of that. I like this format. Still love the wonderful painting “the Portrait in twilight” with Olga Dykhovichnaya in the title role. As a future Director, a person who wants to speak to me these two films are very close. And as a viewer I omnivorous: and “Man-spider” and Fellini”.