Юлия Началова раскрыла секрет стройной фигуры The singer starts the day with a jog through the streets of Moscow. Yulia Nachalova urges his fans to follow suit. The singer, who several years ago brought herself to anorexia, now losing weight through exercise, not the refusal to eat.

      Famous singer Yulia Nachalova recently returned from America, where he spent quite a long time, home in Moscow. Overseas, the singer worked on recording new material together with producer Walter Afanasyev and conducted programs on television. Yulia Nachalova became teledelay in America

      Recovering after a long flight and getting used to changing time zones, the singer returned to active training, which allow her to stay in good shape. Exception Yulia Nachalova does even on weekends. Since the run began on Sunday morning a 35-year-old singer, who with his example proves to have a trim figure it is not necessary to purchase a subscription to an expensive fitness club. Enough to wear sneakers and go outside. To follow her Yulia Nachalova invited and their fans.

      “Good morning! To all of the baton to the morning run! Just go outside, put on your sneakers and run, run, run,” wrote the singer in the microblog.

      By the way, the star mom is not far behind and its successor, the daughter of Faith. Girl these days is staying in Crimea at grandma’s and also finds time for training. The singer posted the picture in which Faith plays tennis. “And my Veronicka also does not waste time on vacation”, – signed photo daughter Julia Nachalova

      Recall that in mid-February Nachalova began to prepare for the summer season. She sat on a diet in order to look good in bathing suits and outdoor wear. Julia also showed fans a picture of his low-calorie Breakfast (the picture shows the singer it eats only cucumbers and tomatoes. Maybe the star just wanted to make a joke, but fans of Julia, remembering her past and anorexia, was frightened and began to give her advice on a balanced diet. Unable to bear the accusations in the wrong approach to eating, Nachalova was removed publish to Instagram. The struggle with weight is Julia Nachalova is not the first year. It is known that in the 18-19 years the singer, who had then curvaceous and wishing to meet the standards of glossy magazines, actively lose weight, exhausting yourself. In addition, at some period of his life, the singer was being treated for anorexia after he dropped 25 pounds in a month and a half, completely stopping have any food.

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