Yuliya Nachalova has ceased to monitor the weight

Юлия Началова перестала следить за весом
Singer Julia Nachalova in the program “conspiracy Theory” on the First channel openly talked about their appearance.

Юлия Началова перестала следить за весом

Not just Julia admitted that sitting on a strict diet, and after the birth of her daughter Nachalova began to rapidly lose weight. Now she doesn’t control the weight on the scale and just focused on their clothing.

Юлия Началова перестала следить за весом

“Since childhood, I love bagels, so when I want to eat, I can kill the passionate appetite, and for example, drying. I threw the scales out of the house, said, “You’re fired, get out.” I think any person would be to harass, to bring severe restrictions in food,” he said.

Recall that some time ago it became known that Yulia is suffering from gout.

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