Yuliya Latysheva found salvation in the classroom Paul Will

Юлия Латышева нашла спасение в занятиях Павла Воли Actress is looking for in all situations positive side. Yuliya Latysheva glad that Paul Will with his wife Laysan Utyasheva set up your project. Artist diligently does the job and inspires others by example.

      In March, the actress Yulia Latysheva was diagnosed with a serious illness – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The girl immediately began to fight with severe disease. She started chemotherapy. Despite the fact that the artist had to face such a problem, she doesn’t give up and optimistic about the future. Apparently, Julia decided to start the course, organized by the famous showman Pavel Volya with his wife Laysan Utyasheva. The artist performed a task in which it was necessary to describe a negative situation and derive a positive result. Julia hurried to share their experience.

      “I got in March of this year found cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I underwent five rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Hair fell out and exploded health. But I always look at the world positively and now I have a cool trendy hairstyle, happy, new life. I am not able to work on his favorite work. But I can do a lot of interesting things to that earlier did not reach the hands and do not have enough time: to draw, to embroider, to cook fragrant Soaps, read books and watch movies. It’s great!” – wrote the artist in the social network.

      Julia was also quick to thank the mentors of the project – Paul Will and Laysan utiasheva the. She reiterated how important it is to maintain an optimistic attitude during treatment.

      “In fact, life is beautiful! Thank you Pasha and Laysan for such a wonderful project!” – complimented Latyshev.

      Many fans of the actress are trying to maintain and continually admire her optimism. “Julia, it is not clear how much effort in you. You inspire others, thank you”, “Yulia, how are you right about everything. Thank you for these good thoughts aloud”, “You are my ray of light in this dark world! Your smile always light up the room,” wrote the fans of the actress.

      Now Julia is trying to lead a normal life, attends a variety of events. She is grateful to their friends who believe in her healing. Yuliya Latysheva about a serious illness: “my Husband will do anything to I lived!”

      “First about the diagnosis learned my husband. For him it was a very strong blow. But I behaved very quietly, and he, too, believed in the success. Native I actually reported the news fun, just explaining that it’s treatable and the doctors I have wonderful. I am very grateful to my family for what never seen them tears and suffering. Everything was a hundred percent sure in my victory. It gave me strength during treatment. Now I am being treated at home, fulfilling the advice of his doctor,” said Julia in an interview with “StarHit”.