Yuliya Latysheva about a serious illness: “my Husband will do anything to I lived!”

Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!» The actress told “StarHit”, how is her treatment. Yuliya Latysheva is optimistic and confident that I would overcome the disease. The actress is pleased that next to it are close friends who constantly support it.

      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»

      Actress Yuliya Latysheva in may learned that she has to deal with a serious illness – Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She immediately started treatment. Now the artist was five sessions of chemotherapy and hopes that the next checkup will show her complete healing. The actress is optimistic about the future and is pleased she has the support of loved ones. Yuliya Latysheva said in an interview with “StarHit” about her wedding, about her creative plans, as well as configures itself for recovery.

      Julia, what made you go to the doctors?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»To be honest, I’m a completely healthy person didn’t feel constantly cold, I had chronic fatigue, but all that I blamed on the fact that I had a busy schedule, my husband just created his own theater: constant rehearsals, performances, organizational matters. I felt dead tired, sore back. But then, everything else, I found a small lymph node above the collarbone, which is slightly tingled, I thought it was just inflammation of the lymph node and another year after that do not go to the doctor, it was just the once. And on the first day of Lent this year, I decided to do a spring cleaning and the whole day ran like electric broom around the house. Last night I was so bad that it was impossible to breathe. The next day I went to the surgeon and he sent me to cancer center.—
      As drove from her negative thoughts?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»First, when I was diagnosed, I’m almost not upset. Froze, of course, for a moment, but I was always confident that the cancer is treated! And even if conventional medicine refuses, there’s always faith and non-traditional methods of treatment. I immediately turned to him – what brought me to this state, why I didn’t love yourself, why not pay attention to the cries for help your body? He remembered the events of his life, he realized that was not the case. Then constantly went to the temple. I was lucky that there was a Great post, and was frequently to communion and extreme Unction to go. I am grateful to my priest, father Paul for prayers and absolute faith in healing. But despair was still. They started after the first day of chemotherapy. My body was very sensitive to this procedure. Before that, I was basically treated only with folk remedies and led a healthy lifestyle. The effect of chemistry I felt immediately and even told friends that more treatment will not. But it was my birthday. I began to congratulate, to wish me health, send gifts, icons, Holy water, oil. I understand that you can’t disappoint people who believe in my recovery. After all, if I survive, they will have another example that nothing is impossible.—
      Now how is your treatment?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»At the moment I have passed five courses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which lasted three weeks. I’m now in the recovery stage after the exposure, make a special inhalations, injections, take vitamins and drugs for immune reconstitution. Breathe the air, walk. A month and a half will again be examined.
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»
      Certainly for your loved ones news of illness was a major blow. What did you do in order to calm them down?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»First about the diagnosis learned my husband. For him it was a very strong blow. But I behaved very quietly, and he, too, believed in the success. Native I actually reported the news fun, just explaining that it’s treatable and the doctors I have wonderful. I am very grateful to my family for what never seen them tears and suffering. Everything was a hundred percent sure in my victory. It gave me strength during treatment. Now I am being treated at home, implementing the recommendations of your doctor. —
      How to change your Outlook on life once you know about the disease?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»My worldview changed in the direction of reassurance! Before I allowed myself to be sad, engaged in self-blame, dwelling on their shortcomings and complexes. Now I understand that it is very important to love yourself. It means to treat ourselves as God’s creation, which God created with great love just the way you need the Universe! To love is to trust, not afford the bad thoughts, to be open to God, people, nature, animals, to understand what you need in this world. —
      You feel happier when you share with others your problem?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»The fact that the problem I shared, I shared my thoughts and feelings about this situation. And with pleasure communicate with people in the same story. About diseases I don’t like to talk, tried on the contrary to translate the theme in interesting moments of life. But to my great joy, the message about their diagnosis, showed how many wonderful, loyal, kind and empathetic people around me. I’m incredibly happy man! Nothing to me had to ask. My friends at Taganka, the theatre “Modern”, from the theatrical project “Комната4”, from the movie, from Cinematography, from all the places I ever worked or studied wrote on their pages that I was sick, and brought for me financial help, exactly what I needed for treatment. Many of my friends prayed with me at a certain hour, went to the Holy places brought me to the Shrine, which I shared with roommates. I talked a lot with the girls, which was in the same room on the same floor. Some people, after learning about the diagnosis from their friends, no longer communicate with sick of cowardice, out of fear of death or even, for some reason, and at this point so need your support, because this situation may be one. And no need to talk about the bad, about the diagnosis or about the treatment. Just stay close, live close, be sure that everything will be fine and your close people will do anything to survive because he wanted to feel needed.

      Despite the difficult period of life, you had to get married. What you experienced emotions when the chosen one made you an offer of marriage?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»When my beloved found out about my diagnosis, he was very upset, I think, just in some shock, I didn’t know how to help me, because he used to solve the problem instantly. We were immediately told that the treatment is long and difficult, but it is treated in the modern world. Moving away from the first impression after hearing that, Vadim promised me that together we will overcome everything, and he is ready to do everything that I lived. For a start, he took responsibility for me, ie offered me to become his wife. I immediately felt safe and understood that together we – force! —
      Tell us about your wedding. How long have you practised?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»Celebration … I didn’t… We just quickly got married and went to eat in the nearest cafe. There were no guests, the dress was not, not even rings! But it will be at the time. And while we are happy that we have each other. It was interesting that we got married on the first of April, and when I told friends and family, and they immediately believe. It gave our wedding a special charm. —
      How long were you Dating your future spouse?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»We dated for a year, but after meeting we had feeling that we knew each other our whole lives.

      Judging by your social networks, you lead quite a busy life – relax, go to events, work. As I try to maintain a balance between business and leisure?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»This “rich” life appeared recently, just a month ago. Before I went barely. When I finished the last course of chemotherapy, I still have a month and a half was in the hospital in serious condition, but then I was discharged, and we immediately went to my friend’s house in the suburbs to recover. Fresh air and nature has done its job. We got back to Moscow, I immediately went to practice, certainly not as an actress but as a Director. My husband put together a play based on I. A. Krylov. And as soon as work began, I gradually began to return to power. Her husband only manages to stop me, trying to protect themselves. And if you ask about the balance of work and leisure, it is, alas, not about me, and that I have not yet learned. Work is everything to me. This is my meaning of life is to bring people joy, love and open heart. I work until I drop from exhaustion. —
      What are you now restricted?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»Of course, lifestyle has changed – now I’m not too active to move and carry heavy objects, you need to deal with their health and rest when I’m tired (I have that luxury not allowed). Only now I have understood and felt that if people with cancer, with disabilities, healthy – with unlimited. Then why do we forget about it and remember only when you lost something? We must live in the here and now. Afford to realize the dream. Nothing is impossible. There are only those obstacles that we ourselves build. That means we need to allow ourselves to be happy and act, do not postpone.—
      Many fans support you in social networks and wish a speedy recovery. You nicer when you show compassion or when you do not focus on the disease?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»I don’t really like the word fans, say people who like what I do. I am very grateful to them for everything! To me, as I have said many times, not very nice to say about the disease, the more I love it when the emphasis is on life and health. And by the way, all my friends and relatives, some sixth sense is understood and talked to me about cinema, theatre, about things that are interesting to me, about plans for the future. Yes, I myself always try to translate the theme to a more positive.—
      Have you people who are faced with the same disease?
      Юлия Латышева о тяжелой болезни: «Муж сделает все, чтобы я жила!»Yes, I write people who want to share their spiritual experiences, which are themselves ill or their loved ones were in trouble. Sometimes we can help each other just after hearing the man. We also constantly communicate with my friends for the treatment, disturbing us discuss topics, share successes and cheer for each other when things are going well. It is really necessary. At such moments, in no event it is impossible to withdraw into themselves. Can this make up one’s mind! At the moment I have planned one charity project, which aims at moral and material support of people facing serious illness of their own or their loved ones, but to implement it I need to get stronger, and I’m patiently waiting for this moment. I want to reach out to their brothers and sisters in recovery: all is well, all is good! This is a great opportunity to learn what you do not know others, to become better, wiser, kinder and more beautiful!