Юлия Ефимова может вернуться жить в Россию The athlete explained to reporters, why go after the Olympics in the United States. Yuliya Efimova has not yet decided whether there will be in the States or return home. The girl won at the Olympics in Rio two silver medals for the Russian team.

      The winner of two silver medals at the Olympic games in Rio Yuliya Efimova gave an interview to foreign TV channels. The girl said that after the Olympics will go to the United States, not the homeland in Russia. Such a statement swimmer caused a flurry of indignation, it was accused of lack of patriotism. Over an extended period of time Efimova trains in the United States. Julia hurried excuse for what I said in the air of the English channel.

      “Russian media perekoverkali my words in an interview with CNN. I said I’ll be back in the US, only to get my stuff, ” explained the swimmer. – My apartment’s paid up for another six months”.

      Yuliya Efimova trains in the USA since 2011. For the first time, she became a medalist of the Olympic games in 2012 in London winning the bronze medal in the 200-meters breaststroke. In five years of living abroad Efimova very accustomed to the atmosphere that reigns there.”In America, everyone is smiling, friendly. It changes. She changed me. In Russia people really hard. Maybe that’s why they seem more aggressive compared to Americans,” – said the athlete.

      This statement podverglas swimmer was criticized by well-known blogger Lena Miro. The woman, whose “Live journal”, I read hundreds of Internet users spoke out sharply about the performance Efimova in Rio.”All this is ridiculous and stupid. Support for athletes with a doping history, pity to her indignation at the fact that she was booed by the audience. No less foolish to resent the fact that Efimova will continue to live and train in the States. Nothing you loved her, you’re wasting it now I hate it. Objectively, Efimova is a whiner. Wow, what everything is evil – six months her persecuted for doping! She did not sleep nights, and therefore are unable to win and take the gold,” writes the blog of Miro.

      By the way, in Russian Yulia Efimov is always waiting for her mother, Tatyana. The girl’s parents divorced many years ago. In snovnom, Efimova talks with his father, who trains her. The divorce of his parents tempered the swimmer Julia Yefimov

      Mama athletes know about the events happening in my daughter’s life, from the news, as the heir could not afford to fly frequently to native Volgodonsk, where she has an apartment. A woman prepares delicious dishes and cleans shelter before the arrival of Julia. Tatyana tries to protect her daughter from life, so that she rested more during visits home.

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