Юлианна Караулова дважды бросала женихов The singer told why he canceled the wedding. As admitted Karaulova, the proposal of marriage she did three times, but she never signed with any of the choices. Andrew, who asked her to marry me on the filming of the Christmas show, she had a celebration, because she has no time for his organization.
Юлианна Караулова дважды бросала женихов

Yulianna Karaulova called off the wedding with her beloved Andrew. A young man proposed to her in a romantic setting during the filming of the Christmas show. They were going to arrange a celebration in Georgia in the spring of last year. However, due to the busy schedule Karaulova decided to postpone the celebration.

“If we do a wedding, it is good, fabulous. I want to believe that she would be the only life. And here we began to meet with different agencies, to negotiate with the hotels… But the more immersed in all this, the more convinced that organizing a wedding is a huge job. I’m not a man to give all at the mercy of the Agency, I need to control. Us had to come very respected, public people, and we could not strike them in the face. A confidence that all our guests will meet, take you to places that will accommodate and feed you, after all, was not. In General, it became clear that the idea with the mountains of Georgia is a serious hassle,” said Julianna.

Karaulov is not afraid to lose my fiance. According to the artist, when a young man makes a proposal, he must understand that this decision for life. The Juliana were occasions when he broke the wedding.

So, in eighteen years it was first called married. It tells Karaulova, the young man did offer in the new year’s eve.

“He threw me a ring in a champagne glass, when we all clinked glasses, I’m not even from this ring noticed, but noticed his sister, she thought it was some sort of tradition and also removed the ring from her finger and threw it into his glass. Of course, finding at the bottom of the glass ring and realizing what it means, I said, “Yes,” says the artist.

However, after a year and a half they broke up. Another guy Karaulov also came to the registry office. She caught the young man cheating. Julianna is not a good time came home and caught there is the girl. But the singer didn’t break up with him, even though he knew that he was the real villain. But in that moment, when in Venice the chosen one made her an offer of marriage, she refused, explaining that he could not trust him. “But once I realized that it was time to decide: either you have to sign for, to build a family in the future to have children, or to leave,” said Karaulov.

As told Julianna to the edition “7 days”, it very well together with the current chosen one Andrew, so it doesn’t matter exactly when they are relationship.