Юлианна Караулова рассказала о ботоксе
If the figure is a 29-year-old actress, everything is in order, something about the face she has a lot of doubts and worries.

Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: photo from personal archive of Julianna Karaulova

The actress is actively involved in sports, learned to eat right, allowing yourself to have “all
I want” only during the holiday season. And work so much (“24 hours a day, seven
days a week”) that the danger to gain weight are almost there:
the stage is, in the opinion of Julianna, serious aerobic exercise. “If I escaped to the gym, after a workout I like to go to bath, do there peeling paint
the body cream arrange a ritual of three hours to four,” says Karaulov.

To the beautician she gets about once a month. “Nothing doing, just cleaning
peeling, face mask. Even without the massage cost. Yeah, I heard that helps
but I’m afraid of addiction. I decided to 32 years nothing serious with his face
not to undertake. Just yesterday told her friend that never will be solved
for Botox. Wrinkles seems to be smoothed, but I can see how it changes
expression, and not for the better…”

Julianna admitted that in principle they were not against plastic surgery. “If a person needs,
let him do what he wants and enjoys life. But it seems strange when
people “pumped up” the space of the size of the lip, doing the same noses”.

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