Yulianna Karaulova told about the betrayal of loved ones

Юлианна Караулова поведала о предательстве близких The actress said about how he received valuable lessons. In the words of Julianna Karaulova, people from her entourage repeatedly hurt her. However, the celebrity managed to survive those difficult periods and continue to conquer the musical Olympus.

      28-year-old Yulianna Karaulova is a popular singer who became very popular for a year solo career. In late September, the actress released her debut album, “Feeling u”, and in November she was the first big concert in Moscow. To succeed the Julianna helped her a strong character. She recently admitted to reporters that the world of show business is extremely severe, and it has very complicated rules. To survive in this Karaulova helped life experience: the celebrity admitted that she was betrayed by the closest people.

      “In female friendships, I believe, though, as shows my life experience, men have to be friends better. The girls are always at the forefront happiness and beloved man, and then friends. Men in this plan is not so set priorities, I think. Unfortunately, I was betrayed friend, and a man. It was very painful, but these stories have made me stronger and learned a lot” – shared with journalists Karaulova.

      However, confident in their abilities, Julianna became far not at once. By his own admission, Karaulova was a very complex in adolescence. Then one friend of the singer made her remarks about her appearance, and young Julianna willingly accepted them at face value. But eventually she realized that we should not worry about it. Close friends helped Karaulova believe in themselves and open up.

      Recall that Yulianna Karaulova started his career as a member of the “star Factory-5”, which was held under the patronage of Alla Pugacheva. Then future star managed to reach the final of the project. After completion of the main project Julianna went to study in London, and in 2011 she became a member of the group 5sta family. Together with other musicians the artist has recorded such hits as “we”, “tuk-Tuk”, “crazy”.

      Yulianna Karaulova: “group “5sta Family” I was leaving with bitterness”

      In 2015 Karaulova announced that he was going to leave 5sta family to concentrate on his solo career. Debut music video of Julianna is a video for the song “You’re not like that”. The author of the lyrics and music to this track is the singer Bianca. Despite the fact that the audience approvingly took creativity Karaulova, the girl herself believes she have a lot to learn. “There is still a long and difficult path,” he shared with Julianna 7days.ru.