Yulianna Karaulova shared their secrets to maintaining a slim figure

Юлианна Караулова поделилась секретами сохранения стройной фигуры
For 15 years, the singer manages to maintain the same weight — 48 kilograms.

Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Usually on vacation Julianna allows himself to relax that
immediately reflected on the scales. “But then I
still quickly grow thin, — the singer speaks. — I have an active tour schedule: two-three concerts — two or three
pounds gone”.

However, help Julianna
not only a tour. It consistently for many years, and this is the first secret of her
the ideal figure. The singer drops a workout under any circumstances. In October
during the rehearsal for the dance in the “Ice age” Karaulova cracked rib. But
Julianna left the project: “Alex Trankovym just
reconstructed the dance to perform support another, without touching the sore spot,”
said the singer “7 Days”. Not
she said in those days, and preparing for his solo concert, which took place on 1
Nov. And even joked: “Think about crack! Vaughn cher no two edges in a row,
nothing!” Until life Karaulova skates (and she makes them right in
the process of training), the singer called five favorite sports: yoga,
running, dancing, fitness and snowboarding.

The second beauty secret is to follow the diet. However, to eat slowly
five times a day, Julianna does not work. “I eat twice a day, but choose quality
products, — says the singer. — Ban heavy and fatty foods, fast food,
chips, soda, dessert.”

what helps Karaulova keep in shape — Spa treatments with massage. “I love
massage very relaxing,” says Julianna. Several times she passed
courses modeling massage: this course gives the desired effect.

together — sports, food, massage — helps to maintain a slender figure. In
life, Julianna was a period when she had lost six pounds. But even
then she looked “anorexic”: the muscle mass remained, though

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