Юлианна Караулова привела фанатов в недоумение покупкой нового автомобиля
The singer became the luxury SUV.

Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: @yulianna_karaulova Instagram

Yulianna Karaulova became the owner of a new luxury SUV. A photo of the car, the singer boasted in the microblog. Now Julianna chooses a name for his new friend, he asked fans to help. The singer also explained what comes up with endearment to the “iron horse”.

“Meet my new “baby”, commented the purchase Karaulov. — I can not stop looking. The ship is just fantastic! Let’s figure out a name? How to call and float!”

It is worth noting that a car is not cheap. In the basic configuration, such a machine costs about 4.5 million rubles. However, Julianna is obviously not the best “simple” version of the jeep. It is worth noting that fans came to some confusion, upon learning about the purchase of the singer. “Why do you need such a huge car? You also don’t have much family…”, “the Car is not too big for a girl?”, “To brag about ugly and stupid”, “it is Better to help children in need”, “Buy and be silent, why are people angry?” — outraged netizens.

The same car but in black recently purchased Anna Khilkevich. The actress, incidentally, was also subjected to strong criticism in the Network. But Anna then explained his choice simply: “I Have no complexes. I just have a big family, many friends and many things! So in my case size matters. And in this car it is easy to hide from prying eyes.”