Юлианна Караулова в экстремальном отпуске поправилась на 5 килограммов
The singer just couldn’t control your appetite!

Yulianna Karaulova

The singer has long been friendly with the sport. Loves yoga, fitness, dancing,
running, and many years of experience in snowboarding: every year, leaving for a couple of weeks
mountains for extreme relaxation. And because it is also a supporter of healthy
food usually weight problems do not arise. At the same time, according to
artist, she, like all Taureans, she loves to eat while dieting put her in
depression. “Relax allow yourself only in vacation, — says Julian. —
do not refuse the delicious food at any time of the day. After the hard work in
throughout the year I need positive emotions. Of course, then pay the extra
weight, adding two or three pounds. And once, while vacationing in the mountains, even five
score! Despite the fact that every day snowboarding. Apparently, fresh
the air was up too a good appetite…”

It is clear that returning from your extreme vacation
first thing in the beginning to drive the extra pounds. Went back to the extremely useful
the foods that are eaten at certain times of the day..And during the four hours before bedtime stopped
there, allowing himself only water. Besides, any concert serious
aerobic exercise. Two or three performances and once literally “melts”.

“I try to keep myself in good shape. It is
to recover at least per kilogram, it immediately notice my followers in social networks —
and they are pouring in comments with criticism,” says Karaulov.

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