Yulianna Karaulova: “I was betrayed: the man and friend”.

Юлианна Караулова: «Меня предавали: и мужчина, и подруга».
“It was very painful, but these stories have made me stronger and learned a lot,” says the singer in an exclusive interview 7days.ru.

Юлианна Караулова: «Меня предавали: и мужчина, и подруга».

Юлианна Караулова: «Меня предавали: и мужчина, и подруга».

— Julianna, with a lot of celebrities prefer
make friends with people that have nothing to do with the world of show business and cinema. They argue that friendship should not be
competition. What is your view on this? We know you have many famous friends
some of them are the closest.

— I think, in sincere emotion and not a relationship of
competition, regardless of scope. On the contrary, a person may
sincerely happy for the other, knowing how difficult all
given. Can give valuable advice on the case or to warn against something.
Of course, people who can, in principle, genuinely be happy for others, not
so much, but I was lucky to meet him in our music
world. Besides, with them you can discuss everything related to our profession and
work — friends who work in other areas, are unlikely to understand.

— Severe if the world
show-business? How he took you? Have you ever trouble?

Relatively severe. Like any business in the long run. In
the big game is always tough rules. It seems to me, in spite of
decent experience in this field, I did not understand all the intricacies to the end. Live —
learn! Globally unpleasant stories, thank God, was not
different incidents. Those who recall immediately, can easily grow into gossip and
not in need of retelling, so I will refrain.

— How do you explain
your popularity? For the year solo career you have become very popular.

— Thank you! My team really has come a long way
but I don’t consider myself a very popular person. We were able to achieve
some success, but there is still a long and difficult path. And
every hit and goal achievement is always a combination of many factors, including
the number of luck and work.

— Do you believe
female friendships? You do know the word “betrayal”?

In female friendships, I believe, although, as
shows my life experience, men have to be friends better. Girls
always at the forefront happiness and beloved man, and then
already friend. Men in this plan does not set priorities so I
I think. Unfortunately, I was betrayed friend, and a man. It was very
hurt, but these stories have made me stronger and learned a lot.

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  • Юлианна Караулова: «Меня предавали: и мужчина, и подруга».
    Yulianna Karaulova

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