Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой» The singer told “StarHit” about what successes have been achieved working solo. In the short time of its activity the artist has already gained immense popularity and love of a whole army of fans. Yulianna Karaulova admitted that, working alone, she takes full responsibility.

      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»

      A graduate of “star Factory-5”, the former soloist of group “5sta Family” Yulianna Karaulova just under a year ago I decided to start a solo career, recording the song “You’re not like that”. In the short term, the singer has released several tracks that have become real hits. In an interview with “StarHit” the actress said about how its perceived departure from the group, the other members of the team’s perception of how his success on the stage, and jealous lover because of the importunate suitors.

      Did you expect such success in his solo career?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»Less than a year, I sing solo and to be honest, never thought that would happen so quickly. Yes, probably, no one expected such a result! When it all began, I knew that much at risk. If I said that I will release as many songs and clips for this term, I would not have believed absolutely. I confess that I prepared myself not to such a quick result. Thought must be not less than one year, and everything happened much earlier. It’s great, I’m very happy.—
      Easier to work one or still in the team?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»Everywhere has its own nuances, pros and cons. “5sta Family” I wasn’t home, and just perform. Of course, participated in the decision of some questions, but still most of them are not dependent on me. Now the situation has changed: I continue to work in a team (producers, Director, management), but now I face this team. And to the public the onus is completely on me. And I have nothing scary.
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»
      As colleagues in the group react to the fact that you will sing solo?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»For them it is my decision was quite expected. The time has come when our views on creativity, the business began to disperse. Because of this, there were conflicts. It became clear that we are losing a common language, look different and how things should look on stage. Then I decided to leave. Of course, I warned about this in advance, so I found a replacement to my decision to work in the group is not stayed. —
      Now I maintain relations with the guys in the band? They rejoice in your successes?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»I hope happy. When people break up, it is always difficult and painful. In the group we had was so good, and I understand that if not for “5sta”, wouldn’t it be just wonderful that we have now. As always after parting, at first there was resentment, but now enough time has passed to forget about all the misunderstandings. I watch them and rejoice in their success. Not gonna lie, we guys are very tight, but sometimes talk on the phone. We did not part as enemies.—
      How about the fact that your place in the group was brand new?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»Lera is a very lovely girl. I knew even before her appearance in “5sta Family”. Maybe the other girl in her place would be to gain a position, to try to become a leader, and she is very modest. I things she told about the performances, even as the guys from the group chat. Of course we rehearsed together. Always, when it comes to new people, it gives a kind of fresh breath of fresh air for the whole group.

      How to cope with stress because of this intense work schedule?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»Not to say that I’m stressed, I just get pleasure from what you do. Of course, tired, not enough sleep, just physically hard. But when you’re motivated, some moments can be patient when you understand why you do something. I’ve always wanted so tightly and thoroughly to work.—
      Does the fact that you work together with your significant other? (Representatives of the singer – Andrew Black, the sound producer. – Approx. “StarHit”)
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»Of course, for me it is very important to someone who has supported, believed. When something doesn’t work out, a loved one helps not to give up. Moreover, I am pleased that he understands what I do and why can come very late, he knows what life on the road.

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      Why there are quarrels?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»How many conflicts arise because of some household items. We same a normal couple like everyone else.—
      There were such cases when he had to protect you from obsessive admirers?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»Of course, for men it is natural that he is jealous. But he’s adequate jealousy, he doesn’t make scandals. But I there too do not give! There are fans that would globally violate the comfort zone and personal space, but until the fights are not reached.—
      The wedding planning?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»It is our personal relationship, and while I wouldn’t want to talk about it.

      Photos published Yulianna Karaulova (@yulianna_karaulova) Jun 10, 2016 at 7:18 PDT

      Many stars try to improve their appearance through plastic surgery. You would like something to fix it?
      Юлианна Караулова: «Из группы «5sta Family» я уходила с обидой»Like any girl, I have complexes, but I try not to focus on. But to be on the operating table, I don’t want – I’m just afraid. I’m not against plastic, but within reasonable limits. Yes, girls grow up, grow old, so there is nothing wrong to adjust the appearance, but everything should be in moderation. Pumped lips, I think, do not look very aesthetically pleasing. Although I do not blame anyone, as long as the girl herself feel beautiful and sexy. —
      How do you keep yourself in good shape? Dieting?
      I exercise consistently, and generally lead an active lifestyle. Junk food I stopped eating ever since “the Factory” – refused chocolate bars, in principle, do not eat a lot of sweets, try to drink plenty of water. Once a month I go to the beautician, well in the home try to take care of themselves.

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