Yulianna Karaulova flashed naked buttocks

Юлианна Караулова сверкнула обнаженными ягодицами The girl did not hesitate to undress in public. Yulianna Karaulova decided on a pretty incriminating video. Today it has published a teaser video that will introduce shortly.

Yulianna Karaulova two years ago left the group “5sta Family” and successfully building a solo career. Very soon the artist will release the next video for the song “don’t believe” and now she’s shared only a small portion. The Directors decided to repeat the famous advertising perfumes of French fashion house Dior, which starred the famous actress Charlize Theron. Video Julianna did not hesitate to strip naked.

“Honestly when at 100%, and the emotions over the edge. When it is impossible to hide anything. My songs will soon be the most-most clip. And Yes: it’s the same dress from the same advertising. And I and our vision. Greetings Charlize Theron and not afraid of anything,” – wrote in the microblog Karaulova.

Fans were delighted with what they see – now they look forward to the full version of the video clip. Despite the fact that among the subscribers, Julianna, there were those who thought the footage too explicit, most followers could not resist the compliments of the artist.

“See how it gently throwing beads. See, not allowed to break”, “Julianna, you have an amazing figure”, “I have a dream to see this”, “Why would she be ashamed? She has a great figure! Yu grows, you need to get used to. The teaser is very cool!”, “How are you in this clip stylish, Julia!” – posted by netizens.

In addition to the premiere of the new clip, fans are also looking forward to any news about the upcoming marriage of the actress and her lover Andrew Black. At the end of December last year, Julianna agreed to the proposal of marriage to his beloved. In March, the couple went to the registry office to apply, but the wedding date they have not yet called. Yulianna Karaulova tried on a wedding dress