Yulianna Karaulova fainted

Юлианна Караулова лишилась чувств
Friends support the singer before an important event.

Юлианна Караулова лишилась чувств

Natalia Podolsky and Yulianna Karaulova

Photo: personal archive

The singer, who recently received a serious injury on the project “Ice
period,” admitted that she found the best cure for pain and continues in full
force to prepare for a solo concert.

Congratulate Julianna with the premiere of her longtime friends: Natalia Podolskaya
and Vladimir Presnyakov, Pasha Volya and Laysan utiasheva, Bianca, Timur Rodriguez, rapper
ST, Anzhelika Kashirina the Olympic champion and partner on “Ice age”
Maxim Trankov.

“I never could have imagined what awaited event in my
life as a solo concert, will be associated with multiple injuries.
Modern medicine, of course, allows you to relieve pain and maintain mobility
body, although I found a much more strong medicine is drive! In
the eve of my first solo album I was so overwhelmed with emotion that
any force in the world will not be able to stop me. I almost do not feel pain,
apparently, the adrenaline deprived me of excessive sensitivity and reduced pain threshold”,
says Julianna.

Fellow performers say that Karaulova managed to collect solo program
during the year, although often the artists that requires a few years.
And, most importantly, the concert will consist of a large number of already won
the sympathy of the audience songs: “You’re not like that”, “Houston”, “Verbania”,
“Broken love”, “Sea”. All of these songs to rotate actively the domestic
radio stations and video clips instantly gained millions of views.

“I’m really happy for
Julianna! It’s first and foremost a wonderful person who deserves everything
it happens! — says Timur Rodriguez. — Plus, the closest solo —
absolutely logical result of a super-successful year of operation. Rare artist can
boasts five powerful singles under 12 months! So, I’ll see you
the concert and try to sing “Verbania” louder than me!”

“I’m really happy for her close friend Julia Karaulova, which
the dream is coming true! — says Natalia Podolskaya. — I know it is a long time for this
was and how really a lot of work! I have no doubt that the concert will take place on hurray! Remember
when I had my first solo show, Julia was there and supported me.
I would very much like to be with her this day.”

Yulianna Karaulova and Timur Rodriguez

Photo: personal archive