Юлианна Караулова восхитила идеальным телом The singer dared to pose in a bikini. Yuliana Karaulova demonstrated a magnificent figure. The incredible slimness of the ex-soloist of “5sta Family” evokes admiration and envy from her fans.

      Singer Yulianna Karaulova, a year ago began a solo career that is rapidly gaining popularity not only on stage but also in the Internet. Over the life of the former soloist of the group “5sta Family” at her microblog following a half a million subscribers. And Julianna knows where they can be happy.

      On the final day of their unforgettable summer vacation, which the singer has been in Monaco, she placed in the microblog photo, which instantly fell in love with all of her many fans. Some immediately called the publication “a little eroticism”. Earlier, Julianna had not allowed myself to share such candid shots. The picture shows the beauty posing in bikini in full length, giving all the opportunity to see how good it is. “Considering that a week from my efforts at least a bit of a tan will not remain a trace (as always) will leave this here. Good light memory. I tried,” commented selfie Yulianna Karaulova. The subtlety, the fragility, the incredible elegance of lines of the body of the singer, and of course, the beautiful sea, the sun, has led to the admiration of its followers.

      “Normal candy”, “Yulianna Karaulova, you just class!”, “Sporty body scoring” “Oh, a minute erotica”, “Slim”, “Beauty”, “Very sexy” – to make compliments and reward Julianna epithets shape of the singer’s fans.

      The slender figure of the vocalist – it is the result of constant work on oneself. “I exercise consistently, and generally lead an active lifestyle. Junk food I stopped eating ever since “the Factory” – refused chocolate bars, in principle, do not eat a lot of sweets, try to drink plenty of water. Once a month I go to the beautician, well in the home try to take care of themselves,” shared Yulianna in a recent interview with “StarHit”. Yulianna Karaulova: “group “5sta Family” I was leaving with bitterness”

      We will remind, the graduate of “star Factory-5”, the former soloist of group “5sta Family” Yulianna Karaulova just under a year ago I decided to start a solo career, recording the song “You’re not like that”. In the short term, the singer has released several tracks that have become real hits. Julianna helps the self to conquer the musical Olympus by her lover. The choice of singer Andrew Black is its sound-producer.

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