Yuliana Karaulova again called off the wedding

Юлиана Караулова снова отменила свадьбу
The singer and her fiancé can’t find time for the wedding.

Photo: Instagram

Wedding Juliana Karaulova and her producer Andrew Black was to be held in April of this year. But the bride and groom decided to postpone the celebration, because they had no time to prepare. At least, that’s how the couple explained to the public the cancellation of the celebration. And now again: wedding is postponed for an unknown period of time for the same reason.

Andrew and Julian met during the “American idol” in which the singer was “a” star factory “participant”, and Andrew worked in the team. The girl was then only 17 years old, she dreamed of becoming. They began Dating only after 7 years, and up to this point were just friends.

Black made his beloved proposal in December last year at the rink during the filming of one of the Christmas projects on TV. Amazed Karaulova said Yes, and the ring that she gave the groom, not removed.

Wedding lovers wanted to play in Georgia, but in order to prepare everything, had some time to forget about work, what Julianna could not afford it.

Fans of the singer suspect that the excuses about lack of time is actually facing serious problems. Even in the work of the Service there has been a change. Previously, she mainly sang about love and happiness “Verbania”, “You’re not like that” and so on. This year she had two hits, and both are about unrequited love. In may, she introduced the song “don’t believe”, and last week he released a new hit called “Just”, in which Julian asks someone to save her from loneliness.

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