Юлия Зимина впервые заговорила о наследнице Actress and TV presenter one-year-old raising the baby Seraphim. For a long time the star had been hidden from the public the fact that she became a mother, and the child’s father is not mentioned at all. Now, when the daughter of a young woman for a year and three months, she decided to talk a little bit about what the girl is growing and she loves.

      In August last year, fans of the stars of the TV series “Carmelita” and presenter of the First channel of Yulia Zimina was pleasantly surprised by the news of her motherhood. For several months the young woman was concealing the birth of her daughter from the General public, but in the end allowed her friend to say publicly about the joyous event. The celebrity mom then told reporters that the baby was named Seraphim, and the entire family from her ecstatic.

      Yulia Zimina to talk about the heiress was in no hurry. Only occasionally on her microblog page you can find pictures of girls. The actress and TV presenter did not show her face, trying to introduce subscribers only fragments – little foot on the beach that appeared curls and other parts that are hard to understand for someone like kid. By the way, the star still does not name the father of her daughter, wanting to leave details of personal life to yourself. Only a year later, Julia Zimin became a little more open to discuss the topic of motherhood and to talk about his beloved daughter. For example, the celebrity has shared details of the joint activities with a small Seraphim.

      “I know what to do with the daughter, is a great way advised my friend Albina, a mother of three who knows a lot about education, told the star. – Buy a small inflatable rubber pool, put toys back, pour sea water and two hours of peace guaranteed. Simone, like me, really like the water.”

      It is noteworthy that the Seraphim have three year old went with my mom on vacation. The girl even has bathing costumes that specially for travel has chosen for her loved ones. According to Zimina, she has two lovely swimming trunks and one-piece swimsuit in white dots. One word, girl with small age learn to Shine on the beach in trendy costumes.

      Speaking of the happiness of motherhood, which Julia knew with the birth of her daughter, she stresses that it has always only hope that she will be able to learn from her cheerful disposition. According to the presenter, this will allow her to easily get out of any life situations.

      “I don’t want my daughter upset over nothing, react to criticism and sad – says Zimin in an interview with “Telenedelya”. – It does not mean that she should go ahead, but let no one mislead”.

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