Юлии Волковой понадобилась помощь хирургов
The other day a famous singer and ex-soloist of group Tatu Julia Volkova was guest at the transmission “the Secret” one million, where did the sudden recognition.

Юлии Волковой понадобилась помощь хирургов

Julia said that several years ago she was forced to go under the surgeon’s knife to remove the thyroid gland because of the resulting node. But the operation was affected voice nerve, in the end, she couldn’t speak.

Юлии Волковой понадобилась помощь хирургов

Help her decided specialists from Korea who made a unique operation.

“I have entered via the mouth some substance, anesthetized before me was a camera, I saw myself all the time and have to say – says Volkova. – Next was a month of recovery, I can’t say that. Children exchanging messages”.

Since that fateful moment two years have passed and now the singer is all good and she even started to sing and to delight fans.

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