Юлия Волкова перенесла уникальную операцию по возвращению голоса During the surgery the singer had to say. To help Yulia Volkova, which during the removal of the thyroid were affected by the vocal nerve, could the doctors at a clinic in Korea. Doctors have restored the singer’s ability not only to speak but also sing.
Юлия Волкова перенесла уникальную операцию по возвращению голоса

The ex-soloist of the popular group t.A.T.u Julia Volkova this Saturday was the main heroine of the program “the Secret to a million.” The singer frankly told Lera Kudryavtseva about his life, children, sister and about how she managed to beat cancer. Most wealthy Yulia Volkova suffered humiliation from colleagues

A few years ago, doctors diagnosed Yulia Volkova malignant tumor of the thyroid gland in the first stage. Then the singer was operated on, removing the body together with sprouted in him “host”. After examination revealed that the singer will not even need chemotherapy because the cancer does not have time to hit any other organs.

“I just needed to follow the doctors’ orders – not to sunbathe, to bask, to avoid physical exertion, constantly take hormones and periodically pass tests for tumor markers”, – said Yulia Volkova.

However, at the same time the singer is faced with another serious problem. During surgery to remove the thyroid gland was affected by the vocal nerve, that was for the vocalist to be a disaster. Julia was incredibly difficult just to talk and to breathe, and not what to sing.

“I had two operations to restore her voice in Germany and Israel, but to no avail,” continued the star. After some time, the case brought Yulia Volkova from Moscow Professor, an expert on the vocal cords. It was he who advised the singer to seek the assistance of doctors from a clinic in Korea, he said, they worked wonders.

Юлия Волкова перенесла уникальную операцию по возвращению голоса

Julia decided that will try all means to recovery, and went into a far country.

The operation was preceded by a week of examinations by special techniques. During the intervention the singer did not enter General anesthesia, so she remembers all the details.

“I have entered via the mouth some substance, anesthetized before me was a camera, I saw myself and all the time had to say, – says Yulia. – Next was a month of recovery, I can’t say that. Children exchanging messages”.

After some time Volkov began to speak and with each month getting better and better. Since then two years have passed, the singer says that she lives a full life. And even began to sing.