Yulia Volkova admitted that she had thyroid cancer

Юлия Волкова призналась, что у неё был рак щитовидной железы

It was reported, why the vociferous member of the group “TatuYulia Volkova couldn’t do a solo career. In an interview with “Izvestiya” singer announced the shocking news: it turns out she has recently had thyroid cancer, and the loss of voice – the consequences of a failed operation.

Recall that the attempt to resume the former glory of the collective, whose songs at the time sounded on radio stations around the world, failed due to the fact that one of the participants Yulia Volkova.. suddenly lost my voice. Together with Lena Katina and Yulia on stage was another girl who sang instead of Volkova, and didn’t like it fans of the band. They did not understand the presence of the third girl in the Duo and why Julia can’t take the usual notes. The sounds that were published artist, with work could be called singing. She screamed, spoke in a whisper and uttered something remotely similar to chant. Fans were disappointed, and the girls shut down the project. Added to this is the feud between band members, so they parted ways, like ships at sea.
Previously Julia had told me that he had suffered a terrible disease, only now she decided to dot the “i”. According to mother two children, her cancer diagnosed in 2012. After tests, doctors confirmed she had cancer of the thyroid gland.
“When I had surgery, the damaged nerve voice. After, when I wanted to speak, but could not utter a sound, only whispering” — said Volkov.
According to Julia, it was a very scary and critical time in her life. The failure of the group “Tatu” pushed her to a solo career, but because of problems with the voice, which remain to this day, early to speak about its success. Hopefully, over time, the health of the singer recovers.

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