Юлию Тимошенко в причудливом образе сравнили с Матерью Драконов Internet users decided that the politician is fond of “Game of thrones”. According to them, Yulia Tymoshenko was inspired by the new series of the popular series and decided to copy the style of Daenerys Targaryen. At the same time, others have found that a woman is imitating Cersei Lannister.
Юлию Тимошенко в причудливом образе сравнили с Матерью Драконов

Over the weekend Kyiv hosted the Congress of Ukrainians in max which was a 56-year-old Yulia Tymoshenko. The leader of the Association “the native land” and the eponymous faction in the Verkhovna Rada appeared in an unusual way – in a stylish bodycon dress and unexpected hairstyle. The woman removed the loose hair back, focusing the public on the braids, which are back in fashion.

Users of social networks began to vigorously discuss the appearance Tymoshenko, regularly surprises others with their experiments with style. Some have compared political figure with the heroine of the popular series “Game of thrones” Daenerys Targaryen, also known as the Mother of Dragons. According to them, Yulia Tymoshenko is almost completely copied the way one of the Central characters of the film adaptation of novels by writer George R. R. Martin.

It is worth noting that not all Internet users have praised the efforts of the stylists Yulia Tymoshenko. Some of them criticized her image, finding it overly pretentious and inconsistent dress code formal event.

At the same time, many agreed that Yulia Tymoshenko knows how to surprise the public and to provoke heated discussions. “At first I wanted to write something for his age these braids. But then I thought that there are women who can be all,” said blogger Alena Yakhno.

Юлию Тимошенко в причудливом образе сравнили с Матерью Драконов

Expert Alexander Rechmedilov found that a political figure reminiscent not only of Daenerys Targaryen. According to her, Yulia Tymoshenko could be inspired by the appearance Cersei Lannister, or even Madonna to try the character Emilia Clarke ahead of the next season of “Game of thrones”. Then American singer dyed her locks to a platinum color to participate in a costume photo shoot. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog of the pop singer, she poses in a dress with a leather corset and dragons on his shoulders.

Юлию Тимошенко в причудливом образе сравнили с Матерью Драконов

The famous hair style of Daenerys Targaryen tried TV presenter Ksenia Borodina. She was photographed on the iron throne in ashen wig and blue robes. Thus, in the “House-2” celebrated the premiere of new episodes of popular TV series. Viewers were surprised by an unexpected surprise from the producers of the reality show. “The similarity is, cool”, “Klasno invented”, “Xenia, you’re super” was discussed fans Borodina.

By the way, recently ended the show the seventh, the penultimate season of “Game of thrones”. He left fans with mixed feelings.