Юлия Такшина показала младенца
The actress was compared with Madonna.

Yulia Takshina

Photo: @Instagram Yulia uliatakshina Tacchini

Yuliya Takshina has recently published a photo which poses with a baby in her arms. No, the actress has not yet celebrates the addition to the family. It was shot on the set of the series “Destiny cannot be exchanged”. Captured the newborn child is Junior partner of Tacchini.

Many fans compared the photo of the actress with the famous painting “Madonna and child” and asked Julia if she plans on once again to become a mother in the future? “Yulia, you are so pretty! It is necessary for the daughter,” “Can think about your partner?”, “Madonna!” — sentimental snapshot subscribers Tacchini.

Recall that Julius recently spoke about the renewed fellowship with the father of her two sons — Gregory Antipenko. Having overcome a serious crisis Takshina and Antipenko learned to communicate as partners, who together are raising children. “The tension between us has passed. Not that fast, but now it is definitely not.We’re family now. Life is so complicated. Yes, the parents do not live together, but, nevertheless, we try to keep the family together, which is like a fortress. It is the degree of some relationship – I am truly worried for him, I sincerely wish that Grisha was working, so he was happy. And if he is happy, the children will be happy,” said Julia.

Other details of private life of Julia prefers to keep secret. Some time ago she told me that she is ready to start building a new family life and even does not exclude that re-marry the actor.