Yulia Takshina resumed relations with Gregory Antipenko

Юлия Такшина возобновила отношения с Григорием Антипенко
The former couple became a family for the kids.

Yulia Takshina and Gregory Antipenko children

Photo: Social networks

The news about the separation of Tacchini Yulia and Grigory Antipenko in 2012 was a complete surprise for fans of the pair. According to the official reason, the couple divorced due to mutual claims. But there were rumors that Yulia and Grigory broke off the relationship due to infidelity. Having overcome a serious crisis Takshina and Antipenko learned to communicate as partners, who together have two sons: Ivan and Fedor.

“The tension between us has passed. Not that fast, but now it is definitely not. We’re family now. Life is so complicated. Yes, the parents do not live together, but, nevertheless, we try to keep the family together, which is like a fortress.

It is the degree of some relationship – I am truly worried for him, I sincerely wish that Grisha was working, so he was happy. And if he is happy, the children will be happy,” — says Julia in an interview with the publication “the Big Moscow”. Takshina frequently speaks with the father of her children. Moreover, in holiday star parents also go together as a family. Julia knows that it can depend on Gregory.

The wisdom with which Takshina and Antipenko came to difficult situations, have many examples. The pair managed to find a compromise in communication for the sake of their children, whose interests they put above their own.