Юлия Савичева готовится к болезненному расставанию с дочкой
The singer tears due to future changes in her life.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Instagram Yulia Savicheva

The daughter of Yulia Savicheva not yet a year old, and her mom is already preparing for that day, Anna will fly away from the parental nest. The singer recently said that thinking about the painful breakup with her daughter at her tears. These experiences help the artist to appreciate even more the precious moments with yet still a little girl.

“With the advent of Ani, I began to notice how quickly time passes. It seemed that recently she was born, and is already trying to take the first steps, waving his pen in the meeting or parting, first teeth knock on the spoon. And I understand that you need to enjoy the moment while she is still so little and gives a hug and kiss. Many people say that in puberty children do not like sweet nothings. And when you imagine what it takes to create your family, in tears. On the one hand it is right and the other is strange and kind of hard for parents. So let’s appreciate every moment spent together with your children because they grow up so fast!” — says Julia.

Such experiences Savicheva understandable, because the birth of Anna was her gift. A few years ago the singer was pregnant, but unfortunately lost the baby. Second attempt to become a mother for Yulia was crowned with success. The pregnancy and birth of the artist was held in Portugal, away from the public and in strict secrecy. Soon after the arrival of daughter Savicheva decided to take custody of his two children from the orphanage.