Yulia Savicheva: “In life there is nothing more important than children”

Юлия Савичева: «В жизни нет ничего важнее детей» The singer has released a music video for the song “fear Not.” The video was the first Savicheva after birth. The artist dedicated the movie to kids who are deprived of love mom and dad. She is campaigning for people to be concerned.

On the eve of Yulia Savicheva has pleased fans with a new video, filmed for the song “fear Not.” Ward Maxim Fadeev has experienced this year the joy of motherhood. According to the ex-participant of “Factory of stars”, the birth of a daughter has changed her life. Back in Russia, Savicheva again started to create.

Lost child Savicheva talked about the relationship with her husband after the tragedy

“This year has been the highlight of my life – I became a mother. To deserve this happiness, my husband and I have been through many trials. During this period, much had to be rethought. For me has always been an important job. But now I realize that in life there is nothing more important than children. Unfortunately, we live in a world where parents leave their children. Or will the fate of children left alone. Orphanages every year becomes more and more. The story told in the video is my personal call – to-actions, not just arguments on the subject of orphans,” Julia announced the release of a new clip.

The clip is to show people that all children dream to be, at least for one day outside the shelter and spend time as their peers who have parents. Fadeev believes that this video will help adults to think about adoption of the child.

“Everyone deserves to be loved and nurtured in the family. I firmly believe that no matter who you give all of yourself and love mother child by blood or not,” – said Maxim.