Yulia Savicheva: “I have long prepared for this major step!”

Юлия Савичева: «Я долго готовилась к этому серьезному шагу!»
The singer returned to work after the baby is born.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Savicheva became a mother in August of this year. About this happy event to the fans of the singer told her producer Maxim Fadeev. “We have a girl!” proudly he wrote in his personal blog, referring, of course, not specifically at him and Julia, and the entire production center.

Savicheva gave birth in Portugal, where she and her husband, composer Alexander Arshinova, is your own property. In Moscow the singer with a young daughter returned a month after giving birth. She is absolutely not eager, as before, at social events, but at work very bored.

“I have long prepared for this major step, she told her fans. My return to the stage for me is incredibly important, because this is my second life. For me has always been an important scene, my listeners, the audience. Even when I realized my biggest dream and I became a mother, I didn’t think that my work may stop. At that time I had enough time to think whether I would be able to exist without him? Now I understand that any such thoughts and words seem insignificant when I see how I waited for my listeners. My new song is called “fear Not.” Because now I’m really not afraid of anything. And every step I make safely. And I want to tell all: be not afraid! Don’t be afraid to give someone their love.”

Savicheva has not yet announced anything about upcoming performances or about the filming of the new clip. Still, a large part of his time, the singer dedicates to her daughter Ana. But, most likely, by New year it will have to participate at least in “national teams” concerts.