Юлия Савичева рассекретила свою диету после родов Recently, the actress became a mother for the first time. Yulia for a short time came in the same form, the singer shared with fans the results of “secret” diet. Savicheva published this Instagram post.

This summer Julia Savicheva first became a mother. When the singer was in Portugal, she gave birth to a girl called Anna. Some time the actress appeared on stage, and for a short time ceased to publish the pictures in social networks. However, this fall, Julia got in touch with the fans and even released the first video for the song “fear Not.” Julia Savicheva returned to the tour after giving birth

Loyal fans Savicheva noted that the singer has not changed and is not recovered after childbirth. The actress decided to reveal the secrets of the diet. Julia explained your daily diet.

“Get a lot of questions about how I keep myself in shape after the birth of her daughter, and you expressed interest in this topic. To be honest, I have a simple rule – eat less and eat balanced! But right now, when the holidays are so close, of course, want to have it all. So I think these tips will help those who will decide to bring the forms in order after the holidays. First of all, the rejection of all sweet and starchy foods. For me it is especially hard because I really love baking and often bake myself. Found a way out and spoiling them, and she kept! My main diet is chicken, fish, eggs, meat without sauces, oils and butter. Vegetables can be in any form, except potatoes and beets. Side dish – buckwheat, rice, bulgur, oats. Eat any fruit except bananas, persimmons and grapes. From dairy products allow all – there is a real feast of the abdomen can be arrange! Among those products whose fat content not exceeding 1,5%”, – said Savicheva fans.

The actress said that nuts and dried fruits eat not more than once a week because of their high caloric content. The main point nutrition Julia says – water. “Definitely need to go to the gym, pool, dancing or just a lot of walking. Movement – life,” said the singer. Yulia Savicheva for the first time after giving birth have fun at the party

Julia has promised fans that the next posts will talk about how he trains. “Beautiful white Julia!”, “Thank you! About the beets don’t know”, “Very interesting, thank you! The very sweet tooth and after the second birth does not work to lose 7 kg”, “Julia, I also lost 20 kg, for three years already hold such power!” commented on the post Savicheva fans.