Yulia Savicheva has publicly admitted to feelings of Maxim Fadeev

Юлия Савичева публично призналась в чувствах Максиму Фадееву The singer posted a touching post on Instagram. Yulia Savicheva does not hide that the producer is not only her colleague but also a close friend. Fans of the actress was moved by her words.

Julia Savicheva and Maxim Fadeev cooperate. The producer has repeatedly admitted that he goes crazy with the vocals of the artist and those feelings which it is every time he gets on stage. The composer was sympathetic to the desire of the trust to make a break in career and to devote himself to pregnancy and raising a newborn daughter.

Recently there have been news that Savichev returned to the stage. The producer has prepared the singer for a few songs, which will soon be played on the radio and then probably get into the charts. Julia decided to thank the producer and publicly admitted to feelings for him In the post in Instagram.

“It’s so wonderful to meet and talk about anything and everything. How nice that despite the schedule and fatigue, there is a person willing to put everything aside for half a day for simple communication. I’m so glad there are people flashing like a torch as soon as it comes about music and creativity, even now ready to write a song, just to remove the clip, just because it will be interesting,” – said Savicheva.

According to the star, Fadeev hasn’t changed since they met. Moreover, he retained a retained a positive mood. Fans were delighted with Julia’s confession, noting that the relationship of the singer and composer seem incredibly touching. “You are very sensitive and delicate. It’s so cute”, “Really appreciate you as an artist and Maxim, as a composer. Very harmonious, This should be a real friendship” – shared views followers Savicheva.

Earlier she posted the photograph together with the musicians from his team. The young woman said, what an incredibly missed work, because for the sake of pregnancy she had to take a break from work for a year.

“How nice, that there are things that absolutely do not change. Was very worried that over the year many things will change. We are at home. My team assembled. The new program is on the way,” said Julia.

Fans of the singer hope that soon will be able to hear new hits in its execution. According to fans, Fadeev will be able to understand the changes that have occurred since Savicheva after motherhood, and wisely uses them to create lyrical compositions.