Yulia Samoilova commented on the prohibition of entry to Ukraine

Юлия Самойлова прокомментировала запрет въезда на Украину

Song contest “Eurovision” which will take place in may this year in Ukraine will be held without the participation of contestants representing Russia. Before it became known that the security Service of Ukraine has rejected Yulia Samoilova of entry into the territory of Ukraine. This decision was widely expected, because the receiving party is not just saying that because Julia has performed in the so-called occupied Crimea, and now she is persona non grata for Ukraine.

Here’s how the prohibition of entry to Ukraine itself Samoilova responded: “don’t understand that I see this. In me, in such a small girl, saw any threat. By and large, I’m not upset. I do and somehow think that everyone else will change”. Will change the situation, says Julia, while it is difficult to predict. Representatives of the Eurovision song contest are currently negotiating with the Ukrainian services that still allow the singer to perform, not to play political games.

However, as reported by the First channel, in the case that Julia will not go to Eurovision this year, she will represent Russia at “Eurovision-2018”: “In that case, if Ukraine does not allow Julia Samoylova to participate in “Eurovision” next year, regardless of the venue of the competition, Russia will be represented by Yulia Samoilova”.