Юлия Рутберг рассказала о чувстве вины перед сыном Yulia Rutberg shared the problems she has in connection with the creative profession. The actress does not deny that he paid insufficient attention to his son Gregory. Besides, she had to deal with weird fans, interfere with the normal work.
Юлия Рутберг рассказала о чувстве вины перед сыном

53-year-old Yulia Rutberg does not deny that work is her main passion and love. The actress has managed to survive three divorces, but it’s worth it at least for a month to bring to the theatre or a film set like a star literally starts to go crazy.

However, because of the profession Rutberg had to put up with numerous hardships. In particular, she couldn’t spend enough time with the child. In a recent interview with Julia admitted that just looking at the care of the son about their children, she realized that she is far from a perfect mother.

“Gregory definitely a better parent than I am. He is such a father that I was a mother to be never dreamed of. As he and his son and daughter busy wife loves — is just a movie and is. I’m happy for them, and off to the son of a hat,” said Julia.
Юлия Рутберг рассказала о чувстве вины перед сыном

By the way, the heir to the stars also dabbled in the acting profession. However, the son of Yulia Rutberg and Alexander Kuznetsov quickly realized that the work on the stage and in front of the camera he is not suitable. The actress is the choice of Gregory respects and tries to instruct him on the right path.

Moreover, Rutberg knows firsthand how difficult the acting profession. In an interview with the star said that she sometimes had to deal with totally inadequate fans.

“Fans are different, it all depends on the level of culture. There is absolutely smartest theatre people, with whom a pleasure to communicate with. Because they have beautiful thoughts, there is a distance and the behaviors inherent in the intelligent person. And there are those who simply want to run. They can be attracted to some person so that they could take on the world. And it’s scary. I had such pursuers of obsessive ideas,” shared the actress.

Rutberg is no denying that on stage and in life it is completely different. So, in everyday life Julia appreciate peace and she didn’t like bothering her with various questions. In theatre, the star always focused, fun and active. The only thing that could spoil her mood during the performance, is the behaviour of some viewers. “I don’t like mobile phone calls and almost a horse laugh. I’m just terrified. In the play there is aura, its air, and it introduces an element of banality. Of course, it is nice when people laugh, but that’s another nature of laughter,” she said.

Dealing with “Antenna-Telesem”, Julia said that she always dreamed of a creative profession, but was able to enter the Shchukin school, only the third time. Despite all the restrictions and sacrifices, the star did not regret about the made choice.