Юлия Рутберг не смогла сдержать слез во время разговора об умершем отце The actress still can not come to terms with the death of the beloved Pope. Yulia Rutberg remembered about the brightest moments of the biography of a relative. She is sure that the parent still supports her and is nearby.
Юлия Рутберг не смогла сдержать слез во время разговора об умершем отце

Yulia Rutberg rarely gives candid interviews. She prefers not to let fans into their personal lives. However, for the program “One day” actress made an exception. It revealed some unknown facts about his father, who died in 2014.

Ilya Rutberg has also worked in film and theater. He was always an example for his daughter, and the artist still mentally turned for help to the Pope.

“It happens that the show just falls. Nothing happens, as if I didn’t try. And then I literally see in front of his eyes. I mentally say: “my Friend, help me. Well, help”. And it almost always works”, – hardly constraining tears, said Rutberg.
Юлия Рутберг не смогла сдержать слез во время разговора об умершем отце

According to Julia, her father always inspired her and helped in the profession. The man is incredibly proud of the achievements of his daughter, and so often attended her performances. Now the artist is trying to console himself that death was not for her utter separation from the father. “Left only his sick, exhausted body. Habits, phrases, memories, eyes – all that remained with me,” stresses the star.

Now the main joy Rutberg is her adult son Gregory. The young man has two children and travels frequently abroad on business trips.

“He certainly works a lot, sleeps little. It is difficult to reach, to achieve something, but he tries. Plus the need of children to look after, family time. My son is incredibly focused and kind. I remember when my dad got sick, and Grigory two times a week came and bathed him. Heaped it on himself, carried to the bath, and that dad didn’t feel uncomfortable, talking to him, joking,” shared memories of the actress.

She Rutberg also a lot of work. Actress in films, plays in several performances. According to Julia, do not have money for it great value. Much more important to enjoy the profession and have the opportunity to help their loved ones.

Also the star tries often to see their grandchildren. She is very proud of the achievements of the kids and happily keeps them each a gift.