Yulia Proskuryakova was stabbed in the back

Юлии Проскуряковой нанесли удар в спину
The singer incited the attackers.

Julia Proskuryakova with her husband Igor Nikolaev


Julia Proskuryakova — one of the few stars personally, communicate in social networks with their fans. She often responds to fans questions and even gives tips on how to act in a given situation. But the friendliness of Julia, the Network has played a malicious joke with it. One of the fans out of anger, or perhaps jealousy, “ordered” microblogging singer professional hackers. In the result, Julia has lost access to his page in the social network.

“My account was hacked unfortunately… Good morning hackers and hacking ordered!” — shared angry Proskuryakova

The most offensive in this story is not so much lost subscribers, of which there were a hacked microblog 50K, how many are missing along with the account of the actress photos and videos with the little heiress of the singer. Julia quite often published the most touching moments of her married life: the first word Veronica, first steps and first music lessons with Alla Pugacheva. By the way, in one of the comments in the caption to write about breaking Proskuryakova admitted that in a short time learns the name of crazed groupies. About how Julia will act when the known data is “ordered” her fans, she did not spread.

However, at the time the “showdown” Proskuryakova made a new page, as reported by her pious — Igor Nikolaev.