Yulia Proskuryakova wants the daughter was like the mother in law

Юлия Проскурякова хочет, чтобы дочь была похожа на свекровь Veronica was six months. Yulia Proskuryakova told about the feast in honour of the first half of the little heiress of the famous composer and singer Igor Nikolaev.

      Юлия Проскурякова хочет, чтобы дочь была похожа на свекровь

      The famous composer Igor Nikolaev and his wife, singer Julia Proskuryakova’s been a whole six months living in an atmosphere of absolute happiness. That’s how much time has passed since the arrival of their long awaited daughter Veronica.

      Yesterday, April 8, young parents received congratulations about half of his little heiress. Julia Proskuryakova and then thanked all the fans for the attention they give her, her husband and their daughter, and also revealed on Twitter a small photo from a family holiday. On this occasion the house of the star couple was decorated with colourful bouncy balls. As a gift to the birthday girl got a beautiful cake decorated with white cream labeled “Veronica 6 months.” Obviously little effect of tender years has not yet been able to understand all charm of this food, but when Veronica grows up, mommy and daddy will show her how they celebrated the first important date of her life that their successor will surely be appreciated.

      On behalf of daughter Julia Proskuryakova also told him about a secret desire of Veronica, which was supported by the girl’s mother. Julia really wants her daughter grew up like her grandmother Light, mother of Igor Nikolaev Svetlana Mitrofanovna. “First and made a wish: I want hair like that, as my grandmother Lights”, the singer signed picture, which her mother-in-law tenderly and gently, holding her infant granddaughter. Hair Svetlana Mitrofanovna and indeed can be considered as reference – dense, well-groomed, blond curls are one of its main decorations.

      Юлия Проскурякова хочет, чтобы дочь была похожа на свекровь

      Whole life Proskuryakova Nikolaev and is centered around a little daughter Veronica. They try to hold the baby every waking moment. Julia is very glad that Igor constantly helps her in everything. Moreover, Igor already has a grown daughter, so he is an experienced dad and wife are constantly listens to his advice.

      According to Igor Nikolaev, Veronica grows very smiling girl, obviously waiting for this world only. By the way, star’s dad has already managed to dedicate verses to his little heiress. “Daughter, my girl, soon life will teach you not give yourself life and others to torment in vain. This is the whole point of girls!” said in an interview to one of TV channels the happy father, when Veronica had just turned five months.

      Юлия Проскурякова хочет, чтобы дочь была похожа на свекровь

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