Юлия Проскурякова рассказала о своей беременности
The wife of Igor Nikolaev hide his interesting position.

Julia Proskuryakova

Photo: @uliaveronika Instagram Yulia Proskuryakova

Julia Proskuryakova, which became a first time mom almost a year ago, decided to recall how was her pregnancy. The singer has indulged in nostalgia and found a picture of the speech in the show “Saturday night live”. It turns out that at that time she was already in the “interesting situation”, but it still hid the condition from viewers. That Julia will give her husband Igor Nikolaev, the baby officially became known only a few months later. Therefore, to participate in the program Proskuryakova specially picked outfit that helped her to hide the already slightly rounded belly.

“Found this picture and remembered that I have already in position! Veronica waited and tried to find a suitable dress, so it wasn’t obvious…” — shared with fans of Julia.

By the way, recently the singer told fans the sad news: she’s picked up a virus and now has to contend with a high temperature. Incidentally, the singer is still feeding baby breastfeeding, so take potent medicines, for example antibiotics, it is forbidden. Proskuryakova shared about this experience with subscribers. “Vitamin C is impossible and nothing is impossible, just do not know how to be treated, waiting for the doctor…” — she wrote in microblogging.

By the way, little Veronica, which is a daily happy star parents with new achievements, is growing, according to Igor, a very musical child. Her creative ability she began to exhibit in six months, and now already hard at work music teacher. But not with just anybody but with Alla Pugacheva, who personally undertook the development of Veronica’s musical talent.