Yulia Peresild was sure that at “Mosfilm” around every corner — maniac

Юлия Пересильд была уверена, что на «Мосфильме» за каждым углом — маньяк
The star of the show “Mysterious passion” was considered a major film Studio of the country’s nest of corruption.

Yulia Peresild

Photo: Philip Goncharov

A native of Pskov, where all of her childhood, Yulia Peresild received
in the theatre only the second time. The hostel lacked and future
the actress is a year lived at the acquaintance. Course Yulia were no “major” —
the guys came from all over Russia. To earn some money for food, students
GITIS even sang in the subway. Closer to the end of my first year friend
Peresild, Yulia took off at a talent Agency on “Mosfilm” to make
portfolio. “I took home a photo on the background of the carpet with the diamonds, and off we went
at the Studio, recalls Peresild. Is now I come to “Mosfilm” and
rushing through the corridors, greeting to right and left. And then it seemed to me that
this creepy place behind every corner lurk maniacs who are waiting for such
fools as we are with Lenka to rape and then dismember. Therefore,
when in the corridor we met the Director Sasha Baranov, looked me up
head look and said, “come with me, girl, take a picture”,
I blustery: “What? Right now, I have someone take a picture!”

After the first
of course Peresild barely scraped together the money for the ticket to Pskov. Back
home and found that the native unemployed. “I decided I’m not
to return, — says Julia. — Learn and have enough as its
to help. What I lost in Pskov, when the roof over your head? Yes, even
singer in the restaurant to go, people to entertain. With such thoughts I wanted to throw
your SIM card from your mobile phone when you called. “Director
Alexander Baranov has approved you for the role in the TV series “Plot” Sergei
Bezrukov. Six days of shooting. In the morning drive up to the “Mosfilm”. And I understand
what I cannot buy and not even take one. Answer: “Everything is fine!
Only I am now in Pskov. And I have no money for a ticket. And I’m not kidding”. In response — silence. It ended up that I sent an urgent
Bank transfer, and I went to Moscow. When I got my first fee,
I immediately bought a box of instant noodles in reserve. And then at GITIS
lucky, we with Natasha have allocated a room in a hostel. As I remember,
room 513. Housing is, the food stocked! What else do you need? Stay in the artist!”

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