Yulia Peresild was defended by Alexey Uchitel from persecution

Юлия Пересильд защитила Алексея Учителя от травли The actress explained why for the first time spoke about the father of their children. In early autumn, Yulia Peresild talked about the relationship with Alexei Uchitel. In a recent interview, the young woman stood on the side of the Director, saying that it unfairly insulted.
Юлия Пересильд защитила Алексея Учителя от травли

In September, Yulia Peresild first told about the father of her daughters. As it turned out, it is the film Director Alexey Uchitel. Before the actress preferred not to talk about his personal life. Later, the artist confirmed this information in the program “Once”.

Yulia Peresild: “Alexey Uchitel – the father of my children”

Shortly before the premiere of the Thriller “Kolovrat” Julia gave an interview in which has told about why she spoke on the topic, which for so long has preferred not to comment. The actress was asked about the reasons that prompted her to tell me about the relationship with Alexei Uchitel. According to Yulia, she did not keep this information secret. The star also commented on the scandal with a painting Teacher, “Matilda”.

“Look, I never hid, I just don’t talk about personal life. Natalia sindeyeva asked me about Alex and I replied. In connection with the release of the movie “Matilda”, in connection with this difficult situation I just didn’t want to create another unpleasant for the person the gossip. So much dirt was poured on him unfairly!” – told Peresild Vadim Vernik.

The journalist noticed that the actress and Director a big age difference. According to Julia, it is not for him decisive. The star prefers to rely on other criteria when choosing a mate.

“Yes, actually, nothing matters. Neither age nor profession in a global sense. Matters only a common wave. I am an Orthodox man, but treat this with the Buddhist point of view, you know? People meet, people break up,” shared the actress.

Peresild noted that the Teacher had a great relationship with her daughters. Apparently, the Director participates in the education of girls. Autumn star together visited a school ruler. In social networks appeared a photo on which Julia and Alex posing at the event.

“They are good friends, and it’s important. You know, I failed to build up the position of mother, what type: all, listen to the mother! I somehow always feel so sorry for them. I can even shout, but it usually ends with the laughter of my children. As a result, in some point I also begin to laugh. My girls and I are exactly friends, we’re trying to negotiate. And I must say, today for us it is a comfortable situation, and then we’ll see”, – quotes Peresild magazine “OK!”.

Alexey the Teacher said that he admires Anna and Maria. “My daughter is a miracle! They are still small, but I think just become Actresses. There are the makings of”, – said the Director in the program of Sergey Mayorov.