Юлия Пересильд экстренно обратилась в ожоговый центр The famous actress shared with fans of bad news. Yulia Peresild happened misfortune: celebrity spilled on boiling water and sustained extensive damage to the skin. Social media users want the artist to quickly go on the amendment.
Юлия Пересильд экстренно обратилась в ожоговый центр

Not long ago, actress Julia Peresild returned from Kaliningrad, where the short film festival “Koroche”. The star enjoyed the beautiful weather and the company of colleagues. However, on arrival home the artist has had an accident. The young woman got burned and she had to urgently seek the assistance of medical professionals. Now Yulia is recovering after the injuries and follows the recommendations of doctors.

“Before I could celebrate, everything in life is all well and good, what magic people are in my way, as the space lowered me to the ground. Spilled boiling water on yourself! Spent the day in the burn center. In General, as love. Sit on the pain and every 3-4 hours add. Because yelling and crying shame, and do not want to frighten children, but to suffer in silence difficult. Monday is a hard day… be brave,” said the actress.

Fans supported Peresild and expressed the hope that her condition will soon improve. “Well managed”, “the Horror. Take care of yourself”, “Strength to you and recovery,” “I understand it is very painful. And heal for a long time. I also recently spilled boiling water on his chest, it was awful”, “two Weeks with the bandage with this burn… And then the scars are long. Sorry – that’s an awful big area”, “I Wish you a speedy relief of suffering”, “Nightmare”, “brave”, commented the subscribers of a celebrity.

By the way, earlier well-known actress of cinema and theater is attributed to the fascination with oligarch Roman Abramovich, who declared recently about parting with the gallery owner Daria Zhukova. The news about the break-up pair caused a stir on the Internet. In this regard, users of social networks began to seek the causes of disagreement between the Roman and Daria. Some have even suggested that the businessman had an affair with Yulia Peresild. The actress, who prefers not to comment on personal life, broke the silence and addressed the public on Instagram.

“Well can’t! At bedtime! Could not stand it! All day calling journalists… And, well, it’s not the first time – in this sense I experienced! Again, the novel… I’m surprised myself what I am romantic like all the time. But I am personally proud of itself – who can boast of such smart and talented company! Okay, go to bed satisfied that generally is rare. Thank you for believing in me, my dear journalists,” wrote Julia in one of social networks.