Юлия Пересильд рассказала, как психолог избавил ее от чувства вины
The actress got rid of the old complex.

Yulia Peresild

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Yulia Peresild hired kids with a psychologist (the actress has two daughters — Anya and Masha. — Approx. ed.).

“I believe that every child today
should be under the supervision of a psychologist — says Julia. — We are afraid of that word, and
in vain. It is better to prevent some points than to bite your elbows and
guess what happened to my baby. I went to a psychologist,
when she saw that her daughter Anna is tired after school and there were some moments
in her behavior that bothered me. This question is not global
problems but rather to prevent them. And it is very important that the psychologist first
the interview was conducted with the children and with me. Although with his personal
the problems can, of course, only I understand myself.”

The psychologist helped Peresild get rid of old complex. She, like many moms, the actress felt a sense of guilt in front of children.

“I thought I was bad
mother because you work too much. While a psychologist that deals with my daughters at home, not
said, “Julia, stop saying that you’re not perfect mom! I
work with children in different families and mothers can do better than you saw. You
Mary Poppins in the cube. Trying to develop them, organize every day
surprises, love them immensely. What criteria do you consider yourself
bad? Take the compliment and accept the fact that you’re a good mom!”

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