Yulia Peresild spoke about Roman Abramovich

Юлия Пересильд высказалась о романе с Абрамовичем
The actress responded to a barrage of questions about his crush.

Julia Peresild and Alexey Uchitel

Yulia Peresild spoke about the fact that now she is credited with an affair with Roman Abramovich, who earlier in the week announced that divorces his wife, gallery owner Daria Zhukova. Gossip online actress have not paid attention to, but yesterday it the phone suddenly started ringing off the hook the curious with the question, is it true that the loud divorce of the year will be because of it, the stars of the Russian cinema.

“I can do more. — wrote Peresild in his personal blog. And, it’s not the first time, in this sense, I Experienced! Again, the novel… I’m surprised myself what I am romantic! Like all the time? But I am personally proud of itself: who can boast of such smart and talented company? Go to bed, satisfied with the crash that generally happens rarely. Thank you for believing in me!”

Interest for the sake of anyone still Abramovich left a wife and two kids every day just erupted. Rumor has it that the other woman was the ballerina Diana Vishneva. Also, insiders report that the couple has broken up because of girlfriend Svetlana Bondarchuk — Hope Obolentseva.

As for Yulia Peresild, it has long been said about his relationship with the oligarch in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”:

“I often attribute to novels with someone. For example, Zhenya Mironov signed the Griboedov registry office. Read it all as an artistic fiction. As for Roman Abramovich, we know he’s watching premieres of the theatre of Nations. I have great respect for him, know that he helps a lot: health, work, and pretty much anything else. In my opinion, it’s great when such a strong and influential people and a combination of intelligence and decency, it certainly attracts. Want to come up with interesting projects together, communicate, try to help someone. The rest are just comics that have nothing to do with real life, but to look through them is always interesting!”

The full interview with the actress here.