Юлия Пересильд показала своего кавалера на отдыхе в Греции
The actress gave an answer envious.

Yulia Peresild

Photo: @juliaperesild Instagram Yulia Peresild

Yulia Peresild, like many stars, is often exposed to the attacks of enemies. And if anyone from celebrity is with them a fierce war, sending them to the “block” that Julia refers to gossip with the same love as the fans. However, to expect anything else from Peresild would be difficult, because it is one of the few in show business who don’t like to remind myself “scandals and intrigue.”

“Good evening! Love the good people who are not stopping to wash up bones! Then as I hear myself — just envious take: “What I’m cool and romantic!” Love you all and even gossip, without them it would be boring!” — shared Julia.

By the way, specially for those who loves to discuss star gossip Peresild showed her Beau, with whom she spends a vacation in Greece. It appeared to be… inflatable crocodile named Gena. “My Beau — call Gene! To have something to talk about…” joked Julia.